Saturday, May 02, 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow - Leather and Nude

 So...Another overdue review for some Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow (Wait, I still have some limited ones from summer 2013 that I never touched). You all know I love them: The colors are wearable and interesting, lasting power is great and almost every shade can pull a fantastic one-man show.
Nude Compliment (from the Dare to Go Nude collection of Spring 2014) is a metallic taupe that's somewhat gold so it works at a both a lid color and as a brightening allover wash.
Sleek & Spice (also from Dare to Go Nude) is a deeper brown taupe. Not as metallic but great for crease (which I don't have).
Sleek & Spice, Nude Compliment and the famed Bad to Bronze. Bad to the bronze is actually the prettiest of the three, as it's rich and metallic (while the other two just look bland after blending).
Creamy Beige (Color Tattoo Leather Collection - Release summer 2014) is a deep beige taupe with soft golden shimmer. This one is particularly creamy and easy to blend and it looks much more brownish on the skin. When used on the lid and blended upward, this screams middle-age-Asian-American-coorporate-lady.
Vintage Plum is the kind of shade I go crazy for - Murky, purply and a bit taupe (like Berroco Flikr Yarn in Piotr) and it really did drive me crazy: Being blotchy, thin and flaky all at once.
So, tough at taupe totally looks gray on me...So, some quick run down of other color without close ups(I have them, they are just in my laptop, that crashed 2 months ago). Moss Green was from Fall 2012 (Yeah...), the rich olive green swatches nicely but blended to be a little sheer. Pure Nude is a warm white beige that works as a base and as a lid brightener.
Gold shimmer and Bold Gold both have their individual reviews, somewhere...If Linkwithin works they would show up below...


  1. Gold Shimmer, Bold Gold, and Pure Nude are gorgeous! I have really oily lids though and most cream shadows just don't stick :(

    1. But you have primers! maybelline stays well enough on their owns but I found Milani lasts the best, too bad I am not crazy about the color range.

  2. I so wanted to get these especially the Vintage Plum. Don't we just love shades like that! I decided against it after reading not-so-great reviews, but I still think it looks quite pretty despite the dry finish. I'm more into those L'Oreal infallible since they are closer to powder. I want to get Bad To Bronze or a similar color in this range, though.

    1. Bad to bronze is really pretty (worth the hype and all), loreal infallible smudges on me right away(I have primers though so it's no biggie) but they are easier to use as liner. The infallible crayon that was limited edition was really good, wears well (cityproof!) and the colors are quite complex.


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