Thursday, May 14, 2015

Innocent & Surreal Sun - Estee Lauder Color Envy Shine Sculpting Lipstick

A week ago while I was killing time at TJ-Maxx, I spotted a travel lipstick set by Estee Lauder. It was 30 bucks for three full sized lip color (and according to the packaging, it seems that I would at least get some use from the bright pink and coral). In a moment of stroke I bought the trio, despite the fact that I don't usually care for those pricey lipsticks (Revlon/Maybelline are no less pretty in my eyes) and I always consider Estee Lauder a grandma brand...
Let's skip the marketing gimmicks (with "luminous shine that shape the lips etc")  and head straight to the lipsticks. The first shade in the trio, Innocent, is a creamy peachy nude with very fine shimmer. The citrus scented lipstick is very soft (in a highly nickable kind of soft, not the gentle moisturizing kind) and slips like butter. 
Innocent has semi-sheer greasy formula that's easily buildable. It applies blotchy on drier days but looks OK enough here (as it was very hot and humid so every lipstick looked great). The formula reminds me of YSL rouge volupte (had one, hate it, tossed), especially  the way this cream-like paint would just sit on top of the lips. I guess it's just the way it is (I mean, some YSL are slippery and Mac creme sheen are blotchy on me as well).
The lipstick tube is simple (boring) and has a satisfying magnetic closure. I am not sure how secure it is but it doesn't matter. This is never going to make it into my messy bag (coat/jacket season is over so there is no pocket to speak of).
Now to the second shade. As soon as I opened the lipstick, I knew I hit a makeup jackpot. How (the hell)did I get a used lipstick in a sealed package!?  Since TJ-Maxx doesn't have return policy like CVS/Sephora, I decided to just deal with it and get the review over with (after getting all grossed out and scraping off the top layer)...What else can I do anyway.
Comparison (to see how pink/orange it leans) with Kiko Red Coral, Revlon Siren Super Lustrous Lipstick and Tutti Frutti Lip Butter (a new tube!)
Surreal Sun is a creamy coral (it looks warm in the tube but pinker on my lips) that's reasonably flattering and unique enough (for it to be kept). The creamy formula is still a little on the slippery paint-like side but it's better than Innocent, leaving less patches and contains itself better. Again, it's not the kind of formula that I love but it's not bad in anyway.

Overall: I don't have strong opinion about the formula or colors. I guess I will keep them till they go bad and use them I feel like like it. I am fairly certain I will not repurchase from the range.

Here is the third shade in the set Pink Dragon. The formula is better than the two I reviewed so I am keeping it for a separate/ less whiny post.


  1. Yikes! May be it was a return and was resealed for sale?

    1. Well, that could be the one explanation.I have read about (on weibo) how a girl got a pair of obviously counterfeit valentino heels from neiman marcus...I guess I am glad I don't have expensive taste.

    2. Wow...did she buy it from the *real* Neiman Marcus?

      I'm not being snarky. The other day I was about to buy a pair of Clarks shoes online via Clark's Outlet online shop, but my credit card blocked the charge, which was totally unusual because the charge was in US dollars (they usually block charges in foreign currencies).
      Then I got an email from my credit card showing that the vendor who processed the charge had a Chinese name. This led me to look into the website itself, which turns out to be a counterfeit Clarks online shop originated in China and I had to cancel my credit card. It was totally crazy because it looks exactly like the *real* Clarks website. I reported them to Clarks.

    3. Yeah, it was the actual Neiman site, there was a long exchanges with the customer services and all...I forgot what's the outcome because I was just too amused by the look of the shoes.


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