Tuesday, May 26, 2015

(Another) Revlon Marchesa Runway Collection and Some Rimmel

Spotted at CVS - Revlon Marchesa Runway Collection Tools and Nail Colors
Nail colors in Privileged, Socialite and Wild
 The tweezers are cute (but Revlon ones don't look that well) - I am more interested in the nail clippers though, I have a Revlon one for (8+) years and it's still very sharp.
 Cuticle nipper and manicure set (I just want that nail clipper!)
(Also from CVS) Rimmel Brow Kit - They brow pencils (the one I have tried) is soft and waxy (either to dark or too red) but it's my first time seeing a brow gel from them.
Lasting Finish lipsticks
 La Roche Posay sunscreen with pouch. I saw the serum version (and tried the tester), it seems pretty nice. (at 30 bucks, I could buy 3 or more Japanese ones already).
Vichy Cellu Destock Smoothing Treatment

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