Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails Makeup - The Big Debut

I was stalking Duane Reade (for some Easter chocolate and possibly some leftover clearance goodies) and look what I saw! A new shiny makeup display called Nonie Creme Colour Prevails. (If it weren't the good old Google, I totally thought Nonie Creme is the name of the brand...It turns out she is the artistic director of the brand and who used to work for Butter London).
So here is 1/2 of the display (the other is at the side). The price range for the brand is around 9-20 bucks a piece. They are a little expensive for drugstore but the colors (colours?) seems well done...It's just that the packaging is really quite a mouthful...
Lipstick Lipgloss Duo - Pumpkin, Rockabilly Pink, Classica Red, Iris, Mannequin Beige, Warm Red
Blue Red, Orange Red, Vintage Rose, Tropical Pink, Neutral Pink and Vamp
Paint & Vanish Matte Lip Colour & Top Coat
Sheer Lip Color & Lip Liner
Colour Wash Comfort Balm (kind of want to try this)
Bashful Biscuit (?) Blush Bronzer Duo
Powder Eyeshadow
Contour & Highlight Duo, Bashful Beauty Multi Cheek Stick
Foundation and CC Cream
Nail Color
Eyeliner and what seems like eyeshadow palettes

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