Tuesday, April 21, 2015

L'Oreal Manga Eyes Rock & Collection Exclusive

From Duane Reade L'Oreal Manga Eye Rock Mascara
Collection Exclusive named after each star
 Julianne (looks like a pretty coral), Doutzen, Freida, Blake
Zoe, Liya, Eva and J.Lo
The glossy stain are on clearance
Black Radiance has some value sets (it seems that they sacked the sheer lip gloss I liked)
 Random tuck in from CVS - some gem shaped lip balm


  1. Wah..? Do you think Glossy Stains are being dc'd..? I love them (have 7). I should go check! ;o

    1. I think they are getting sacked but from what I saw, the pigment is some of those have totally separately so I guess the stock is pretty old...I mean the security seal doesn't mean a thing even they have it....


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