Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

I held off from Japanese mascara for the longest time, for the stupidest of reasons: Didn't those fashion magazine say something like you should never splurge on mascara, when they go bad three months (I keep them for a bit longer) after opening anyway?

 Japanese drugstore mascara are usually 15-20 bucks a piece and that's already high-end for me. Looking back my mascara archive, how many American drugstore mascara I have gotten in the past, and how many actually did the job? None...I guess my raccoon eyes did save a lot of money over the years.
So...I ended up with Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara. It used to be just "Kiss Me" now they/Isehan changed the name so it doesn't get confused with  Kiss skincare and Kiss Me the sunscreen range, also owned by Isehan.
Long & Curl is supposed to be a fibrous mascara but unlike the other Japanese lengthening mascara I have tried (Anna Sui Long...from way back in 2006, they have had several revamps since then. I would totally get another one if the current packaging isn't so out-of-whack) but it looks strangely non-fibrous when you look at the wand...I mean the hair is there but you have to look for it. It just looks like any other non-thick, lightly defining mascara with a curved wand.
On the eyes, I got impressed after the second swipe: Kiss Me Heroine Make is lengthening, defining (I barely need my metal lash comb for it) and holds the curl very well.  Not only the curls stays, it's also highly waterproof (you will appreciate that if you walk in the snow all the time).
Well, this is as dramatic as it can get on my the poke-straight-down Asian lashes.It looks so much more dramatic in real life. Basically, the mascara's only downfall is that it's super hard to remove...I really had to swirl argan oil (I wanted to finish up that bottle) for minutes then rub my finger between lashes to get the flakes to soak off.
Luckily, I bought the twin pack with a mascara remover included (which is another 14 bucks if purchased individually at Mitsuwa).
The wand is a ribbed plastic stick and the oil-water formula just does what it's supposed to do(remove the stubborn thing).
Heroine Make is known for their over-the-top paper packaging. The mascara tube is much more toned-down though. It's not obvious in the first picture but it's actually a deep glimmering purple as opposed to black.

Overall: Love it but I also can't wait to finish it up(so I can open up my tube from Majolica Majorca.)


  1. This mascara does a really good job at the lengthening part. It has little fibers in it that stick to your eyelashes.

  2. I'm just getting ready to crack open my tube of the Heroine Make Volume and Curl! It came with the mascara remover too, I'm looking forward to seeing how that works :)

    1. Oh...But your lashes are already so full (oh well, they are long too so I guess you can still get dramatic lashes with pretty much anything)...It would be nice to see what it does on well-endowed lashes I guess.

  3. This used to be my favorite/holy grail mascara! Then they went and reformulated it and it stopped working for me :(

    1. Oh, now I am glad I didn't get another twin pack (maybe I will buy the old pink tubed one, it's prettier anyway).


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