Monday, April 27, 2015

Circa Makeup by Eva Mendez

Spotted at Duane Reade, here is another celebrity-brand CIRCA by Victoria Justice, I mean it's a lightly photoshopped Eva Mendez. This is just a small display at one store, entire displays were set up at other branches.
What the top front of the display looks like, there are more products by the left side (the right is Colour Prevails).
The very top shelf is foundation, then there are BB Cream, Concealer and highlighter
Powder Blush
 Cream blush
I was very interested interested in these lip and cheek stain, before I saw some close up of the applicator (plastic brush tip)...Never mind.
Mascara and eyeliner
Powder Eyeshadow
Color Treatment Tited Lip Butter (I actually like every shade here!)
Color Saturated Lip Crayon and Velvet Luxe Lipstick
Lustrous shine lip polish. Anyway, I am not in a rush to try these as the price point for all these are quite high (mostly 10+ dollars) and the packaging looks like it came straight from the 60s-70s. Some people would like that look but it's again, not my thing at all (Now I wonder if it's the same team who designed the Nonie Creme packaging...both are too much for me to handle).

Speaking of celebrity makeup, I am kind of surprised that Nuance by Salma Hayek is still running? I mean the quality is really not that great for that price point (for any price point).


  1. I've heard of Circa, kind of reminds me of Salma Hayek's line, it was ok but nothing memorable.

  2. I think Circa's lippies are much more interesting...It puzzles me while is Nuance still around though. I think it's a brand that I wouldn't bother buying from even if it's 75% off on clearance.


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