Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Revlon Sahara Escape Collection Spring 2015

Spotted at Rite Aid - Revlon Spring 2015 Collection (they do spring  makeup collection now?) 
Four new Super Lustrous lipgloss ( some of the name on the tube is slightly different from the display) in Desert Spice, Sandstorm, Pink Sky and Sizzling Coral
Eyeshadow quad in Surreal (the color combo looks familiar, like one of the fall palettes that ended up in Big Lots for 3 bucks...I suspect this would have similar fate)
Highlighting palette in Desert Bronze
Nail Color in Wild Flower, Sizzling Coral, Ethereal and Serene


  1. I don't know...Sahara for a spring collection?
    I giggled reading your comment on the eyeshadow quad. I used to really like the old ColorStay quads (the ones right before this version), but the new ones look so boring.

    1. I remember that shade combo because I picked it up (I have a tendency to pick things up just because they are on clearance) then still decided it was too ugly for 3 bucks...


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