Sunday, March 22, 2015

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Pin Up

I picked up this tube of LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint at Harmon (full not me)because the rainbow display was quite attractive and this color (Pin Up, a blue red) was last one in display? Anyway, I haven't been too aware of the line but I heard that it's either very similar to the Too Faced lip paint (not interested) or OCC lip tar. I guess if it's less than four bucks, I could just take one as toy.
 The texture of the LA girl lip paint is very runny that it would flow out if you leave it uncapped. There is a fresh minty scent that I quite like (I think the Too Faced smell like baked good, which seemed too much for me). 
Pin Up on my arm (which already start to feather 1ms after it's put on). While the pigment is very opaque (well, so is the 1-dollar lipstick from Wet n Wild I hate very much). The lip paint is essentially all pigment floating in liquid base (or is there one?), it's very hard to work with by itself since it would smear around the corners, feathers and travels outside the lip boundary. 
Tried at least 5 times (on different days with different tools) to get a not-so-ugly swatch. Anyway, I already had some lip gloss (that got wiped off for this swatch) so my lip wasn't completely bare...The Lip Paint is simply unworkable by itself (and the color isn't all that great for me to want to layer it with other lip gloss/balm) and nowadays (always?) I think the wear/finish of a lipstick is much more important than the color...

Overall: I guess many people like it because it's pigmented and...because it's pigmented but I kind of hate it a lot. This is going to the bin. If I remember to make the toss.


  1. Love the second image. It is so appealing for some reason. ;)
    I totally get what you mean. "Pigmented" could be high maintenance if not in the right formulation.

    1. Hahaha, of course you will recognize that reflection! I haven't attended any concert in Lincoln center (haven't found a program I really liked/been burning my paychecks at Carnegie hall)but want to go sometime before the renovation, just to see how bad the acoustic is.


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