Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring 2015 Haul - New Toys and Repurchases

I reckon the string of drugstore spycam posts can be quite boring (but I like looking at new drugstore collections...and maybe I just like make fun of them) so here is a little haul post as a break. I don't do haul (I mean I don't hoard a bunch of product at once) but I make small purchases at difference places all the time, and I open them right away (so they are not haul-post-worthy).

 Anyway, it seems that I have accumulated enough "craps" (what my mom and friend call them) to make a post out of them. So here you go...I don't feel too bad (who am I kidding, I feel good buying them!) since many of them are repurchase  that I love and finish up in the past.
So, here is the group picture. Not too intimidating.
Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser - Gentle night time cleanser that actually removes makeup. Reformulated (at least the fragrance is further down the ingredient and doesn't seem to be as bothersome).

DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash - Random find at Marshalls. Grabbed it right away since it was 5 bucks and Japanese cleansers don't go wrong on me. 

Shiseido White Lucent Foaming Cleanser - This is like my 5th or 6th tube? It's gentle, effective (at cleansing and fading hyperpigmentation) and lasts a long long time. I think this is reformulated this past year or two but at least it still smells the same.
These are kind of sort of repurchase as I have purchased from the same category of the same brand, now venturing into something new. Koji Curving Curler ("specifically designed for Japanese women for radial lashes"  and stuff) - Loving it so far. Pretty much gives me the comfort of Maquillage Edge Free curler and actual strong curl that I get by a Koji No.74.

 Kiss Me Sunkiller (tried their liquid one years ago) gel formula sunscreen - I like the icy blue tube.
Physicians Sexy Booster Formula (new toy) - This is going to the trash (but I need to take some glamour shots first, it's an OCD thing).

Gosh Mineral Eyeshadow (and a new eyeliner)- Technically repurchase (but I just didn't get the review up yet). Fun color that's easy to apply. It doesn't last well like the Milani/Maybelline cream shadow though.

Prestige Marbleized brow pencil - Repurchase. I didn't finish my old one (more like I finished it off by sitting on it). It's very natural looking, not too waxy and the spoolie is handy. 

Now here is the lippies. Some older limited Maybelline Babylips, a  new Tutti Frutti Lip butter, Maybelline Color Whisper Rose of Attraction (those were all on clearance at Rite Aide). The LA Girls Glazed Lip Paint was an impulse purchase at Harmon (paid full price. Regret every bit of it).

 Then there are the pretty ones: Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge (it's red, it's LE and it promises to fill up lip line on the spot. I am SOLD)...Lipstick Queen discovery set (on sale, couldn't resist).  

Anyway, here is my recent haul. I hope you find a pile of unused (OK, I totally used the Lipstick Queen Medieval and tucked it back) makeup interesting. If you want to see something reviewed, feel free to drop a comment...I will try my best to take glamour shots while the snowy backgrounds are still here.


  1. Well? Well? Did you like Medieval?!?!?!?

    1. I do love it. Since it's so light weight and requires no brain cell to throw on (but I do think it's quite gimmicky with their wordy marketing though. ) then again, how else are you going to sell it anyway, every brand makes a sheer red.

  2. NICE!!! so glad you like it ^.^

    Well, most brands do gimmicky marketing, or to be more precise, most marketing is gimmicky. But that's why you buy it in a set, especially if said set is on sale xD

  3. love haul posts!! so, is Medieval a must-have like poppy king says? I must admit I have been quite intrigued by lipstick queen (almost caved when they did those kate spade lippies), like the idea of a brand that does only lipsticks, but my monies have gone to shu and laura mercier recently! would love to see a review on medieval :)

    1. It's quite unique in my stash of red (in terms of level of pigmentation and the tone of it) but I feel like the texture and finish isn't really so special for the $22 price tag...I mean a sheer red tint that's what it is (OK, I only paid 24 dollars +tax+shipping for three lipsticks so I don't have anything to gripe about the price I paid).

      Review will be up in a day or two...I just need to type the words for the pictures.

  4. Haha I remember seeing the DHC cleanser at Marshall's too! I don't like foaming cleansers but I still didn't want to miss out on a good deal so I made my younger cousin buy it XD

    1. I don't like these automatic foaming cleanser (with pump) but I was like "since when do they even sell DHC in US?" so I grabbed it, I mean it was five (how much a crappy lunch would cost in the cafeteria).

  5. The Shiseido White Lucent cleansing foam doesn't seem to clean my pores well enough, maybe I'll give it another try

    1. It (shiseido cleansers as a whole) is the only thing that is able to wash away their sunscreen (which I swear by) that's why I stick with them, I always have two tubes of white lucent in my household even when I am experimenting with other brands, it's one of my safety blankets.


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