Friday, February 13, 2015

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In Mascara Base

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In (yes they tend to have awkward names), as the name suggests, is a fibrous mascara primer. While I enjoy spending time on the lashes (it just seems so pampering when I am trying to make those poke-straight-downs fluttery), this is actually the first stand-alone lash primer I have ever tried. I mean, most of the time I can go with the primer in duo-end mascara or just head straight to fibrous mascara formula, save me time and money (this is around 15 bucks by itself).

Last fall, Majolica Majorca was doing a promotion in Sasa and Watson (actual stores in Hong Kong) where you can buy a set with the lash base and a soft rosy yellow-gold Majolica lash curler (which is usually gift with purchase and was never sold). I got lured in by the pretty curler and ended up with this. The worse thing that could happen is that I have a pretty-and-useless tube to stare at and a cute curler that works (Shiseido tools rarely disappoints).
Before I start the review, let's all stare at the pretty tube, shall we? (Ok. I promise the stare session will be quick). Being a more-expensive drugstore line, Majolica Majorca's packaging quality is on par with, if not better than, brands like Anna Sui and Paul & Joe. The white plastic is hefty enough (but not heavy), not prone to scratches/stains, having a clean-cut casting, Even the golden part on the tube(which seems like a sticker) is nowhere near being peelable.
Majolica golden (plastic) emblem on the marble-pillar like tip. Even though mascara is meant to be dumped every three months. Having a pretty tube really makes a big difference (to me) since I am literally shoving in my face everyday (well, I mean, every time that I use mascara).

Finally to the product review! MJ (that's what they call it anyway) Lash Bone has an all-plastic fin-like applicator which you can wipe it clean after each use(if you are OCD, that is). At first I am not sure how the plastic bit deposit the primer but my worries was gone as soon as I put it on.

Unlike other white, pasty (and gunky...L'Oreal I am looking at you) mascara primers, Lash Bone actually has a very thin and fluid texture that feels like a hybrid of superglue/hair spray. The plastic applicator lift as you apply the base, then it would dry like hairspray/super glue, making your lashes thicker, hard, stiff and stays that way for a whole day(I should write for male enhancement drugs) .
The small black fibers are apparent on the white wand, I don't really see them going all spidery on my lashes. Anyway, I do notice that my lashes get noticeably longer and thicker when I use this. It's just not dramatic in anyway. Enough talking, let see it in action. 

Bare lashes curled with Koji No.73 Curler (doesn't fit my eyeballs but this ones give me the most lift out of all curlers I have tried). Of course, a good deal of length was hidden by the hood...In case you need a reminder on how bald my lashes look (bare and uncurled,  here is the eyeball from yesterday).
With 2-3 thin layers of Lash Bone on upper lid only. Lashes are glue into bunches. Metal intervention (aka, pokey metal lash comb, also from Koji) was needed. Yeah, I should I have taken a pictures after the combing session. I would also like to add that since it is a hairspray/super glue kind of products, it takes forever and a day to both apply and remove (had to use oil going around in circle).
With a bit of Maybelline Volume Express the Rocket Waterproof Mascara on top and bottom lashes. For fellow owners of single/hooded lid, you would know that this is considered quite impressive (as there is no smudge, clump or spidery ends).

Overall: Despite taking forever to put on and remove. I am pretty impressed with the result. I am very likely to repurchase the primer (and I will most definitely get an actual mascara from MJ...Before that, I need to finish the Maybelline and start using the Kiss Me one first).

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  1. Haha I'm combing through your blog for Majolica and Kiss Me mascaras now. This primer looks really good!


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