Saturday, February 21, 2015

Colour Crush - Essence Longlasting Lipstick

Essence Longlasting Lipstick hasn't been around for too long but from my limited play time (with the testers at ULTA). I do like the selection of colors, packaging and the texture. Anyway, I only picked one up to play with (sometime late last year) because it went on clearance for a dollar a piece...Anyway, Colour Crush went home with me because it was the only shade available that hasn't got ravaged by people.

As always, I like the sleek matte plastic packaging (it does gather some sebum and dusty but not like actual rubber) and the engraving on the lipstick.
Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet, Sweet Tart and Essence Colour Crush. Color Crush is a cool pink (not fuchsia yet but it's quite bright already) free of any shimmer or glitter . Whenever I see "long lasting" formula labeled on a lipstick, I assume it would be matte, drying and uncomfortable to wear. It's not the case with this: The texture seems rather refined, the bullet is firm (not squishy or pasty) and it goes on thinly but rather evenly. I had to build the color up in layers but opacity is easily reached.
Even though the formula apply nicely, wears comfortably (yes, it stays fresh-looking better than other lipstick) but this particular shade has an opacity (which seems to get picked up on the lips as it's layered up) that I am not too fond of. The pepto bismol pink seems just really unflattering and enhances any blemishes I have (I have quite a bit with the stress-picking). But I guess this kind of creaminess would work well in red and coral-red.

Overall: Love the formula. Not a fan of the shade.

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  1. will check out other colors! I think this formula might work well for my mom, who needs an opaque lipstick.


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