Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Burt's Bees Renewal. Lindi Skincare and Bowls

 Spotted at CVS (First CVS store I have seen since I moved up north...I missed the discounts!) Burt's Bee's Renewal line with cleanser, serum, eye cream, day and night cream.
 Sheer Body Lotion in violet/mango, clementine and cucumber/aloe
Lindi Skincare (never heard of it, the whole line is kind of expensive) with travel set, body wash, face wash
Moisturizer, serum (lavender and citrus)  soothing balm, lip balm and eye hydrator
Rite Aid now has a range of facial oil
Not related but I spotted this cute planner for last year (on clearance from 99 to 85) in a TJ maxx (across the street from CVS).
More random Marshalls finds (have been loving the shops even more since there is no sale tax on clothing items in NJ). I loved-at-first-sight with the cherry blossom one...I think if I go back to Marshalls again and see the cat ones still there, I will get them as well (now I have a bunch of pretty Japanese bowls that don't match).


  1. I love Japanese bowls and plates that don't match ^.^ Keeps things fresh and interesting!

    1. I also have some rilakuma and jiji (kiki's delivery service) silverware on my way! They will go well with the bowls (or not).


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