Friday, January 16, 2015

Ecotools Mini Essentials Brush Set

One of my beauty-related new year resolutions (wait, am I doing that kind of thing now?) is to start collecting, bit by bit, better-quality (well, I just mean higher-end Japanese) natural brushes (synthetic hair are soft and easy to take care of but I have yet to see one that grab/deposit product in an airy fluff)...Before even starting the plan, I got sidetracked by this little kit by Ecotools. They are small and kind of useless for the 6-8 dollar price tag but since it was on clearance at Harmon for under a buck (92 cents plus tax), I caved again...

In my defense, it was purchased on the 31th of last year and my friend's dog chewed off my Real Technique blush brush (She is fine and totally forgiven. The melty rubber part of the brush gets on my nerve anyway), so I need to fill the void.
Ecotool Mini Essentials Brush Set contains three palm length, small brushes. The bamboo handles feels neither light nor heavy and has a nice texture to touch. 
The mini (they call it "full powder brush) powder brush a complete waste of life (unless your have a Barbie-sized face) but it's usable for a on-the-go cheek color application, as long as the color is light/you don't find apply in patches then blend. The hair is decently soft and a good powder grabber. The hair on Too Faced and 3CE synthetic brushes definitely feels silkier on the face.

I expected the two eye brushes to be lame but somehow they are more practical. The itty bitty eyeshadow brush has smooth, stiff bristle that poke right up. It's terrible for eyelid use (can't blend, can't pack and not even good for allover wash) but it's great for firmly pressed brow powder (the only brow powder I have is from Paul & Joe). It just grabs the right amount of product and deposit it in light strokes.

As for the eyeliner brush. It's very fine and precise so presumably great for gel liner (didn't have any at hand to test out). I use it with the darkest shade in eyeshadow palette and it works well enough for me to not through it around.

Overall: Two usable brushes for 99 cents, I like. (Waste of money other wise.)

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