Saturday, January 24, 2015

Canmake Cheek & Cheek Powder Blush in Candy Flower

Canmake Cheek & Cheek is a blush duo that has been released for quite some years (4?) I got this back from a swap with Dalenna back inlate  2011 (Oh boy, I need to finish up some ancient blush reviews...). While Canmake's powder blushes are somewhat overshadowed by the cream cheeks (a frequent winner for that annual rank up), they are still the star products of the brand and I see some featured all the time by Japanese vloggers.

Candy Flower contains a soft neutral pink (I swear it kind of look warm in the pan but somehow it looks really cool on me) and a creamy warm peach, both contain tiny glitter that are not visible at all. Unlike the smaller brush from the Powder Cheek, this brush is larger/stiffer and actually usable.
The texture of the Cheek & Cheek (unlike the Powder Cheek, which is more firmly pressed and a wee coarser) is soft, powdery and very talc-like (silky) on the skin. Even though the color is more on the pastel side, it shows up well on the skin and blurs some of the imperfections. Both the colors (one is a easy-to-wear soft pink that's not overly dolly. The other just looks like peach and cream for the face) are very easy to wear and has decent lasting power (at least it doesn't disappear after a few hours but it doesn't look freshly applied either).
Milani Luminous, Milani Luminoso, Nars Luster, Canmake Candy Flower
Milani Corallina, Milani Sunset Beach, Canmake Candy Flower, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose
Beside the ingredients (nope, don't recognize most of these, not gonna try) there is also a chart to show you how to use the blush in a face-slimming way or a flush-from-within way. I am lazy so I only use one color at a time. 

Overall: A good quality powder blush (it kind reminds me of Benefit Dandelion, but less chalky) but I won't get a second (thanks to the inflated price at e-tailers. I might as well get a cuter one from Majolica or Lavshuca) because the packaging is a little scratch prone and excessive to me.

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  1. Looks nice on you! I do wish Canmake would make more of these, but it's true the Cream Cheeks totally stole the spotlight from these blushes ^.^


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