Friday, December 12, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal - Gleaming Coral and Pink Quartz

Crystal is the latest line of the well-liked Maybelline Baby Lips Tinted Lip Balm. With the bright and fun packaging (like those holographic flash card I collected when I was a kid) and frequent discount, it was hard not to cave in. Being my usual boring self, I grabbed the orange and bright pink (actually the rest are even more neutral or sheer so these are the actual "fun" shades). 
Lake Michigan as background, you like? (Oh, I think it would be a while before I can see it again). Gleaming coral is a bright soda orange with matching scent (probably sharper and more citrusy than the sweet taste of soda) and loads and loads of transparent silver flecks as shimmer.

The lipsticks has a glossy, thin formula that's comfortable and even a little quenching. In many ways, the formula reminds me Nivea a Kiss of Strawberry Lip Balm, but less watery, harder (the stick doesn't wobble from the base), more sparkly (in a noticeable and not-yet obnoxious way). This kind of glossy but not-sticky formula works perfectly as a base for your less forgiving lipsticks (I decided not to put pictures because that would be too many mouths in one post).
On the lips, Gleaming Coral runs very sheer that the warmth don't show up nearly as well as the sparkle. On my sicker-lips-days, the oranges can mingle with the purple in my lips and turns thing in some shade of gray.
 I dislike sparkle in my lip products but coral is an exception (shimmer smooth out the overall texture and usually goes well with the bright sunny tone). Gleaming Coral is even more unique as it features silver flecks instead of the gold ones.
Pink Quartz (with an artificial sweet scent that are nonetheless pleasant) is a happy hot pink, lighter than fuchsia and delicate enough for late-spring early summer, when your skin is still pale. This color shows up much better on the lips that you get an even layer see-through pigment
Pink Quartz -Which I will wear with my mom-made cashmere scarf for the winter/early spring (I will pray to Richard Feynman that this package doesn't get rejected and sent back again...Like my poor canmake blushers and lipstick). Overall: I really like these two shades/this formula of Baby Lips. The price is affordable, colors are both fun to wear, they do provide some practicalities as balm and base. You just need to know what you are getting. Yes they are very glossy and sparkly so you might want to keep it away from more conservative corporate environment.
Lastly, swatch  on arm with Pink Quartz, Gleaming Coral and Essence Glow Neon Glow (the finish of which is much more natural than Baby Lips Crystal, but I love the squishier jelly formula and how it looks like a stain on my lips...Totally K-drama actress or what).
Just a headup at Walgreens - The Baby Lips Electros are on clearance at Walgreens. I resisted because I just hauled a few other bare-bone balms help me to combat the upcoming winter time.
Color Whisper is also half-off. I wonder what are they replacing it with.


  1. Oh my, Pink Quartz is soooo pretty! These lip balms from them haven't been sold in singapore yet, we've only received the tinted color ones but not these with shimmer!

  2. i m a little sad to see the maybelline whispers go. I have two, and i don't really use them, but i do use them every once in a while, and when i do i am happy. So i kinda wish them would stick around a little.

    1. I don't feel particularly bad about the line leaving...Since my two favorite shades Red Around Town and I Crave Coral are both limited. I am guessing they will get another sheer lipstick to fill the void.

  3. I feel like I'm too old to wear any shimmery glossy stuff now, I'm gonna stick with lipsticks haha


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