Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stila Lip Glaze in Fawn & Delicate

I got the two (actually there were three in the set but I can't find the red anymore) Stila Lip Glazes more than a year ago and here is a probably-not-helpful (and quick) review. The texture of the two is not the sticky thick uber-glossy one anymore, since it's a batch made after reformulation/revamping. Basically they lower the price of these lip glaze by a bit, cut down the volume (at 2.4ml before, there weren't much to start with)and they are now made in China instead of US...
Fawn is a brown plum with gorgeous coppery gold shimmer. It looks intimidating in the tube but on the lips, the rich red tone becomes much more apparent. Texture is tacky and runny and the color fades/sheers itself out pretty quickly, leaving a just some shine and minimal color after an hour (admittedly, I drank)...At least, the residue feels like a moisture lock.
Delicate is a frosty warm pink that's opaque and gunky. (Stila shimmer gloss from years ago was at least frosty and mirror-shiny). This is going to the trash as we speak (tomorrow is the garbage collection day).
The formula travels outside lip easily if I am not careful.
Arm swatch of the two, look how pretty Fawn is. The new lip glaze formula is a major step-down from the old version but I think I might still cave in on their value set (from Nordstrom rack, usually appearing one season after initial release) because some shades are quite refined. The new smaller size also means I can finish it up (in 10 uses).


  1. wow fawn is really very pretty! i also like the new smaller sizes - got 3 smaller sized ones and i actually finished 2 of them. Plus when they tend to smell a little (in my opinion) if you use them for too long.

    1. Yeah, I thought this would be my vamp-to-go (and I don't even do "vamp" for fall/winter...Coral/orange FTW yo). I actually never worry about Stila Lip Glaze going bad as I was able to finish up the older 2.4ml without problems. Anyway, my several 15-20ml Paul & Joe and Shu glosses already smell funny when I am not even 1/3 through so I have to toss them.

    2. you are coral/orange throughout the year!:)


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