Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Organic Fiji Night Blooming Jasmine Face & Body Coconut Oil Soap

Here is another find from my weekend soap sniffing ritual (I shall find a better hobby...Does searching for good on-clearance boxed tea count? ). Organic Fiji is one of those slightly more expensive bar soap brands (6 bucks at TJ Maxx, probably a bit more elsewhere). The company is clever enough to have a small peeking hole in the box so you an get a whiff of ...why this is so worth it the price tag. Six bucks is kind of a lot for me, alright/don't judge?
From my brief sniff trip, I have found out that there is actually a way to make the cucumber melon deviate from its Walmart cousins and smell expensive (somewhat)...Well, I didn't pick that (or the pink grapefruit that's unlike anything pink grapefruit...but it still wins me in the typical citrus way)...What stole my heart/nose was the Night Blooming Jasmine. 

I have have only encountered the day blooming version so I will take their words for it...The scent is spot-on (admitted, I can't pinpoint if it's more like the small ones you see in China/inside tea, starry ones or the pink-purple variety) with a very soft creamy base (instead of a sharp, green one).
The soap bar looks like a white rice-cake or a big brick of mutton fat jade (which ever you are more familiar with) and is harder to the touch than all other soaps I have tried. The harder texture means that instead of getting a handful of bubble/cream with a small swipe, I have to go over it on bath mesh several times for a fine textured foam (and that it runs out much slower than the cheaper ones I have tried). 

The foam cleanses gently without irritating mucous membrane or residue and leaves behind just some squeak.The smell doesn't seem to linger on my body much after shower (maybe my shampoo is too strong), but I think it's totally fine.

What the soap reminds me of: A morning walk along the jasmine bushes in the early summer: Warm, fragrant and slightly moist (but not humid yet). 
Wait, are those even jasmine? My sniff memory is short and these flowers barely lasted for 2 weeks.

Overall: The soap smells great, cleanses well and lasts long enough. Will definitely repurchase. (PS. The ingredients listed on the box are just organic coconut oil and "night blooming jasmine blend" ).

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