Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Palladio Makeup Display - Matte Blush, Bronzer, Herbal Mascara and More

Palladio has been around in the drugstore for quite a sometime (at least a few years?). I think I only started noticing the brand when I heard about the matte blush on Will Work for Makeup and I am glad they have lighter/cooler shades (Oh, wait...I think she mentioned the lighter shades are a bit chalky). They are normally 6.99 and sometime goes on sale, for a dollar cheaper.
Since I snapped the picture for the blush, I decided to look around. The display is actually pretty extensive.
Liquid Eyeliner and Tinted Lip Balm
Herbal Lip Gloss, Lip crayon
Lip Lacquer, High Intensity Lip Balm
Mosaic and Baked Blush
Baked Blush and Eyeshadow
Blotting paper that are actually tinted
Herbal Mascara - 4D Boost, MaxxLash, Curl Rule and Aqua Force.

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