Monday, August 18, 2014

NYX Brow Gel, Primer and Liquid Illuminator

Spotted at ULTA - an exciting (and empty) display from NYX with the Eye Brow Gel. Which looks like it could be the potential dupe for the Makeup Forever Brow Gel (that I have been coveting but too cheap to try). From what I tried, these gel are little runnier than Too Face eyeshadow insurance, so it's more of a watery gel than a cream-gel. My dab-and-swipe all lasted into the evening without caking/fading and they seems easy enough to remove with Bioderma following some soap and water. 
Swatch of Blond, Chocolate, (Brunette is gone...taken by a sneaky/desperate "customer") and Black. It seems like none of the shade would work for me on the brow (then the darker shades seems that they could double up as eyeliner)...But I still want to get the blonde one, just for the squeezing factor.
From CVS - Face primer, eyeshadow base and liquid illuminator.

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