Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rimmel Wild Orchid Lasting Finish Pro Nail Color

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro (discontinued quite a while ago but I guess it's back with a slightly different packaging?)nail color was purchased on a whim a year ago (because it was only a dollar and I need some filler item to get discount).

It's a slightly murky medium purple that reminds me of Milani's Radiant in Purple from  a few years (almost five!) back. I am not the one who actively look for dupe but I guess it's nice to own the same color in a creamier and more opaque formula with a more user-friendly brush.
Since it would a little boring to do the normal whole hand swatch (given it's more or less the same color as the Milani), here is a simple polka dotted manicure with Orly Pixi Stix (limited edition from spring 2010. How time flies!), which is a little thinner and not that great for dotting.

Alternate bottle shot. I think the Orly bottle is prettier to hold...

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