Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Revlon The Amazing Spider Man 2 & Marchesa Red Carpet Collection

 Spotted at CVS - Revlon The Amazing Spider Man Collection
 Even though it looks like a big display, only the three super lustrous lip gloss (in orange red, murky blue and hot pink...Sorry, didn't jot down the name) and the nail color are new/limited.
The ones I can see are Volts, Spidy Sense and Gwen's crush
 Designed by Marchesa Red Carpet inspired collection - with one nail sticker, photoready powder, eyeliner and three sets of lipstick/nail color: Opulent, Romantics and Daring.
The one on the right is another golden-olive-blue scarab kind of shade. Anyway, all lipstick and nail color has that special print on the packaging.
Peelable foot file and nail file. (Wait. They trade-marked "Just peel it"? It's not even remotely creative or catchy... )

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