Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Physicians Formula Bronzer BB & Powder Palette

Another (much) belated spy cam post I need to get through - Physicians Formula Bronze Booster "BB" Bronzers.

So apparently it's Bronzer with BB cream benefits  
The new Powder Palettes multi-colored custom bronzer (available for blondes and brunettes)
Multi-Colored Custom Blush for blondes (pink) and brunettes (coral)


  1. I don't really buy that blonde/brunette distinction. I wish they'd do a good matte bronzer for contour with shade selections based of warm/cool, fair/dark tones.

  2. I love their packaging! Seems would be nice to give them a try! :)

  3. @Lauren - I think they are just tired of using rose (the pink) and natural (the coral) for their blush name...I just realize that I have never seen anything matte from them!

    @Yoannita - I totally love their packaging, if they don't come with that huge and useless under compartment.


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