Tuesday, January 07, 2014

MOR Basil & Grape Hand Cream and Body Butter

Since the temperature is dropping below freezing down here (a rare occurrence in the cowboy state) it's time to review somebody care products that I am too lazy to use otherwise. MOR Basil & Grape (bought from Marshalls) is a potent hand cream that's a little on the lighter side (maybe the crisp scent is playing trick on me).
It has a thicker gel cream consistency that gets absorbed quickly into skin, without leaving any residue. Even though the scent is refreshing (really sweet grape with a tinge of grassiness), it's a little too lingering for my liking. The hand cream is overall fairly effective for day time use (but I don't like taking it out as all the gold prints are rubbed off already).
The Body Butter (has the same smell, duh) has more of a watery consistency that reminds me off undrained cottage cheese. It stays on skin much longer and doesn't get sucked up. It does help smooth out the dry flakes on my legs but due to the long dry time, I just ended up using the hand cream on my body instead.

Overall: They both work well enough and smell good enough (but the unique scent is a bit too girly fruity sweet just by itself and it doesn't layer well with other fragrance).

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