Saturday, December 28, 2013

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange

 The whole NYX brand was 40% off sometime back in October at ULTA, I took the chance and bought a few items (most are blushes). The Rouge Cream Blush in Orange is a carrot (a little creamier and redder compared to the straight up orange) without any shimmer. The cream melt on contact and have slightly runny, paint-like texture unlike other cream blush I have tried. It's actually very much like a cheap lipstick formula that float on the lips.
Since I am not smear this allover my lip-line galore, the texture doesn't bother me too much. The runny texture and high pigmentation means that with a few tiny dots on the cheeks, it spreads and wears like a condensed liquid stain with no tackiness and a fairly good staying power (by itself or on top of sunscreen). The carrot pretty much shows up as a warm reddish flush on the skin and it actually doesn't enhance the zits on my face (unlike other more coral ones). 

Overall: Not the most thought-after texture but I suppose it's still a lovely color to be worn on the face (when you are in a hurry and want to look awake in a jiffy).

Some random (a little too late now) spy cam pictures to end the post, the Holiday Decadent Delight Nail Polish set.

Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss 3 Piece Set (too bad I only like the bolder colors in this range). 

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