Thursday, December 19, 2013

Essence Beauty Beats Justin Bieber Believe Tour 2013 Limited Edition Collection

Spotted at ULTA - A new Essence limited edition display (I was ecstatic for about two seconds then I saw little JBieb's face...) commemorating Justin Bieber's 2013 Tour.
There are three lip glosses (the middle one is almost identical to Candy Bar) with a slightly cheaper plastic
Three eyeshadow single (the mint one was sold out when I went back for a second look)
Matte Pink Coral blushes (want! Ok, I already bought it last week)
Shimmer powder with interesting prints (turns out to be SWAG all over it..)
Nail color
Manicure pen, transfer base coat (for strips?) and eyeliner


  1. I purchased the shimmer powder and then realized it had SWAG printed all over it ew. Should have known from the name on the back which also happens to be 01 SWAAAAAG! On the plus side, it smells like vanilla? I should have picked up the blush too! I'll forgive Essence for releasing a Justin Bieber collection...

    1. Haha, I figure out the the SWAG the first time I spotted the display (over a month ago). I think it was so off-putting that I just had to get it. I still haven't touched the blush but judging from the fallout, it got a matte texture?

      PS. I am knitting your (and Polly's) hats right now. I have been quite productive lately. Being only distracted by some shitty books that (I shall never name) I can't stop reading.


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