Friday, November 08, 2013

Essence Lipstick in Glow Neon Glow

You probably have heard it a few times (but I will repeat it anyway), I have a thing for anything jelly (not just in lip gloss): From gummy candies, Jell-O, or polished round crystal beads (jade too but see-through jadeite are usually much more expensive and way out of my league). Something is just really irresistibly plush, juicy and yummy about the fruity color and semi-translucency.

When brands (I believe there were Clarins and Urban Decay) come up with these jelly-lipstick, my interested was piqued several times, apparently not enough for me reach for my wallet (Even the Maybelline Color Sensational popstick was too expensive for my cheap @$$ self)...Until I saw the this new lipstick shade from Essence, which only sold for 3 bucks a piece.
Essence Glow Neon Glow is a bright punchy pink (hot pink with a punchy base)semi-translucent lipstick with loads of tiny flakie-like micro glitters. The lipstick looks good enough to eat and comes with an equally delicious smell (the same as the lip gloss, minus that weird synthetic, medicine-like sticky base). The stick is rather solid (no squishing or wobbling) and hard, but the product still deposit itself evenly and easily with normal swiping pressure.
The packaging is pretty cheap: the cap got a small crack after the third use or so and the silver label usually get rubbed off very quickly. It didn't really bother me because of the low price (and that the product inside seems well-made beyond what the price would suggest).
A different angle just to show the trunk-load of flakie glitters and the warm base it has.  
Well, I am not sure if it's categorized as a color-changing products (it seems to stains just a little bit on the lips) but as expected, it turns into a blue-pink on me and the glitters barely shows up on my wrist (the bright specks are caused by the gloss of the lipstick).
 On the lips, Essence Glow Neon Glow wears like a slightly tinted glossy lip balm. It's comfortable and flattering but the color isn't noticeable unless you are looking for it. If you have topical dryness, it does a good job preventing moisture from evaporating (I actually find it a little quenching).  

Overall: It does everything I expected it to (looking all cute and gimmicky while being totally wearable, delicious and comfortable to wear) so I think it would be great if you like these kind of eye/nose candy sort of lip product.

A display of some of the new shades released. Number 44 is a glittery red that looks somewhat cream-jelly (here is a review with pretty promising swatches). I might overcome my Asian superstition (Chinese hate number 4, alright?) and get it someday.
Anyway, Essence now (when I say now I meant more than a month ago but I forgot to put up the picture) has its own version of the crayon-eyeshadow (the cream shadow in pot seems to be discontinued). I just haven't find a shade neutral-with-a-punch to try.
Speaking of jelly-related food (I am going on and off tangent...Don't blame me, it's Friday), I have been buying these Cici jelly drink (a dollar for 3) a lot in my Chinese market. It's like liquified jelly with those chewy coconut bits (to me, it's like a high potent jelly) inside. It's super fun to eat.
 Since we are at it (Chinese food), here is new found weekend activity (other than sniffing soaps and looking for new undergarments at Marshalls/TJ maxx): Buying pastry after 8 pm (the store closes at 9) so all the buns are BOGO. This particular day the selection was disappointing but some other time, they would have that pineapple + curry pork chop bun hybrid (yes, the combo sounds a little nasty at first but I ended up getting hooked). 


  1. That jelly glitter stick looks amazing :O I would buy one just to look at.

    LOL at your bakery stalking! Shamefully I am hooked on this kimchi mushroom brioche bun. So wrong yet so, so right. >:(

  2. I like these jelly sticks too, though not enough to pay $22 each for the Clarins one either ^.^ Thanks for this! I have to check it out soon!

  3. @Kate
    That sounds like an even weirder combo...I wonder what made people come up with all those weird flavor/filling in sweet bun/cakes...

    The stick inside this is pretty nice to use(and to look at) I guess now I still prefer a tougher package (like Maybelline one) so I can toss it around my bag.


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