Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Revlon Marchesa Nail Appliques with 3D Jewels - Limited Edition

Spotted at CVS - Limited edition Revlon designed by Marchesa nail appliques with 3D jewels.

Crown Jewel, Royal Burgundy 
Beaded Couture, Silk Rosette
Brocade, Gilded Mosaic
Evening Garnet and Jeweled Noir


  1. I just bought the red/black set Jeweled Noir, really looking forward to trying them out. Here in the UK we didn't get the Beaded Couture or Brocade. Which is a shame as they are super cute

  2. I just bought the Crown Jewels wraps. Can't wait to try them, but won't do it until I've seen a video of the best way to apply them. Otherwise they could work out an expensive mistake.


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