Friday, September 13, 2013

Philosophy Chocolate Lemon Funnel Cake Shampoo & Body Wash

Sniffing bath and body products (and picking up random junks on clearance) at Marshalls/TJ-Maxx is one of my routine weekend activities (then there comes the bar-code arm swatchathon and bringing my toys for outdoor glamour shots). Given that both store have a steady stock and decent selection of Philosophy products, it was a matter of time before I caved in and got some of these "luxury foam" that would end up down the drain.
Anyway, the Chocolate Lemon Funnel Cake Shampoo /Body Wash / Bubble Bath was the first one that got me. With my limited nasal sensitivity, the body wash doesn't really smell that chocolatey or lemony (both scents I love very much but I am not sure how they mix together). However, it does have that fried, golden fried-golden batter quality and seems to emit some sweetness and warmth when I sniff and look at it. 
The shimmering copper gel is a little more fluid compared to other shower gels, but not in a watered-down way. When water is added, instead of getting broken down and dissolved (cheaper body wash) or turn into a rich glob of foam (some better drugstore body wash). This turns into a fine foam, but only from the outer most layer, slowly towards the inside...I actually kind of like this slow-foam, as it gives me more time to savor the sweet scent (which seems a little to strong from the bottle but it's just right for shower).

As a shower gel (and facial wash, because I am always in a rush in the morning) it cleans gently and very effectively (the shimmery particle doesn't linger or irritate). It does work as a shampoo as well but it tends to make the strand stays together after it's air-dried (I am too lazy for conditioner). Anyway, after combing through, my hair feels soft and it only leaves a light scent (which I do like).

Ingredient list of the  Philosophy Chocolate Lemon Funnel Cake Shampoo & Body Wash

Overall: A little expensive (180ml for 7 bucks) but it seems nice and versatile enough (I can use it as facial wash), not to mention it gives me pretty good mood when I use it in the morning.


  1. I have the Pumpkin Pie one and I love it. I think I paid £7UK for mine, which is a bit steep and that was in a sale. But they do last much longer than more regular shower gels in my experience.

    1. Yeah, the 7 dollar was actually the discount price in CVS. But I guess since I have so many shower gel lined up, I can just use it for hair and face. Anyway, I am planning to try the lime mojito one once I finish this one up.


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