Friday, September 20, 2013

New Products from NYC, Clearasil, Freeman, St. Ives, Organixs and Head & Shoulders

Just a collective spy cam from various brands: (First at CVSh the) NYC shattering spring saving with the crackle nail color
New Freeman Facial Polishing mask with charcoal and black sugar

Clearasil Refreshing Superfruit scrub and wash (kind of want to try it because I like fruity smell but salicylic acid makes my skin peel...)
Ultra Rapid Action Face Scrub and other wash and mask
I think head & shoulders is getting a packaging revamp
Damage Rescue, Green Apple, Smooth & Silky and Purely Gentle Scalp care
Collaboration with old spice, Deep Clean and Hair Endurance(why do people need endurance on short hair?)

New lotion from Dial
Three no-brand (probably by Walgreens) lotions


  1. I've seen good things about the Charcoal and Black Sugar face mask

    1. Yeah, that item is pretty tempting to me (mainly it kind of reminds me of the MAC volcanic ash exfoliator). I will give it a try when it's remotely discounted in CVS.

  2. Its on my wish list for my trip to the US later this year. Love the CVS discounts


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