Thursday, September 05, 2013

Maybelline Wild Blossom Baked Blush

Why yes...This is indeed from the Maybelline Spring 2013 collection (after finishing up this, I need to get to the summer shadow). I always see my blog as more of an archive more than a news source, so I tend to have my own pace when it comes to reviewing products. Anyway, Wild Blossom is a pastel lilac with loads of silver. 

For a baked blush, it's soft enough to grab and load on the brush, thanks to the paler shades, it doesn't create a clown face even if you accidentally load to much. The lilac shows up as a cute petal pink that makes skin look fresh and supple (lilac and very blue pink tend to have that kind of effect on my skin).
 The only downsides would be how strong the silver (and that it translates on the skin better than the lilac), which can show up chalky on deeper skin tone and that the compact has no scratch resistance whatsoever. Anyway, I hope more brands would come up with shades like this. Benefit Thrrrob is like this but the shade is sadly discontinued.

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