Friday, September 27, 2013

Brown Deluxe & Champagne Toast - Milani Shadow Eyes 12 Hr Eyeshadow

The Milani Shadow Eyes 12hr eyeshadow is another star product on Makeup Alley with overwhelmingly positive ratings. Being a fan of cream shadow and neutral shades (because I am lazy and don't want to think about color coordination most of the time), I picked up Brown Deluxe and Champagne, which also happen to be the two most popular shades.
Brown deluxe is a rich golden/coppery/slightly reddish brown with copper glimmer, unlike other brown (that are not taupe yet) this is warm without turning too brassy and gives a nice depth on the eye when used for single shade bottom-up gradation. Champagne Toast is a shimmering pinkish beige that's a little pinker than Stila Kitten (and more beige compared to Maybelline Inked in Pink), this shade brightens the eyes when it's used as a light allover wash and seems flattering without being too noticeable (Stila Kitten can be a little frosty sometime).  While both shades are neutral and very flattering, they look weird together (to me one is warm another is cool).

Brown Deluxe, Champagne Toast and Maybelline Inked in Pink.

The Shadow Eyes stick have very smooth texture that are not too soft. I get an even glide of color but the tip doesn't deform easily. On the eyes and arm, it feels like a more condense take on (each swipe yield a thinner but equally intense layer of color) Maybelline Color Tattoo while it;s still very easy to blend. The lasting power seems equally good (if not better) than Maybelline, lasting for at least 5-6 hours without creasing (I just need to make sure to not over-layer, or it would crack and flake off) . On my arm, it actually outlasted Inked in Pink, as I forgot to remove it for a few hours.

Overall: Love. Now I wish they come up with a broader range of slight more neutral or muted colors.


  1. I have to try out the Champagne Toast color! I currently use Urban Decay's 24/7 shadow pencil in Sin on my bottom lash line but my travel sized version is quickly running out and I can't bring myself to buy another one yet. I always shudder at the full price so I will definitely look into Milani's version as an alternative. Cherry Culture is doing a 40% deal now I think so I might look for it there! (P.S. Your package will be sent out before the end of next week promise!)

    1. Oh, I guess you could look at places like Nordstrom racks for value set (then again it wouldn't help much if sin is the only shade you use). But anyway, Champagne Toast is pretty nice by itself and the formula is a little different than urban decay.

      P.S. Take you time all you want, there is really no need to hurry.

  2. Love the colours Gorgeous!!


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