Friday, August 23, 2013

Fuchsia Shock - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine

Being a huge fan of Revlon lip products, I can't say that I am fond of the Super Lustrous formula. Even the most-loved creme and matte formulas apply thin, dry and blotchy on me (the pearl formula is still gives me shudder whenever I think about it). Super Lustrous Shine was just added to the permanent line-up this summer, after coming across several positive reviews, I caved in a got a few (my main incentive being the sale and coupons, of course).
Hot pinks side by side: Revlon Raspberry Pie Lip Butter, Fuchsia Shock, Wet n Wild Don't Blink Pink and Lancome Satin Fuchsia. Fuchsia Shock (to me) is more of a sheer, subtly shiny magenta with a mist of small purple micro-glitter. The color is not how I define fuchsia (which would be brighter, happier, more pink less purple) and the only thing that stops me from calling Fuchsia Shock a Grandma Magenta is the sheerness. Beside the formula, I really like how the stick is harder (no wobbling) and how there is no noticeable scent.
On the lips, Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick is delightful to wear: The formula is weightless yet moisturizing (my lip lines are pretty effective indicator) and it glided and leaves a subtle, a slightly wet watery-gel kind of shine plus an even veil of tint. The color can be built up to 60-70% of full intensity (which is already an aged magenta) while the finish remain light. The lasting power is fairly decent for a sheer lipstick that the color remain fresh after 2-3 hours of wear, with some drinking.

Overall: I adore the texture and wear of Fuchsia Shock but the color is tad aged for my liking (maybe it's just my purple lips), it would be wonderful if Revlon re-do some of their shades in the Lip Butter range in this formula. (P.S. Tomorrow is the last day for the CVS sale on Revlon lip and eye products, where they are $6.99 a piece with 4 extra bucks).

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