Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Essence of Beauty Packaging Revamp and New Skincare Products from Nuance

Spotted at CVS - A new revamped Essence of Beauty Body Care line

Shea Indulgence cleanser body butter and lotion 
Paris Forever scent (doesn't Bath and Body Works have something similar?)
Sweet Paradise and In the Tropics
New (and random) skincare products: Dr. Lin Acne Spot Corrector, Lumene Time Freeze Anti-Age CC Cream (brands need to stop...) 
Accent (with an unneeded accent...) moisturizing lotion
Nuance Facial Serum, Dark Spot Corrector, Smooth & Firm Elixir and (brands' can live without) BB Cream
Moisturizing Gel, Resurfacing Pads
Super Cream, Lotion, Concentrate, Eye Treatment
Facial gel, eye gel, cream and serum
Spot treatment, moisturizer and blotting papers.

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