Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint Swatches

Clinique isn't one of the first brands who does the shadow stick, but their packaging and marketing (in the ad visual, the shadow tints are wrapped like candy) have intrigued me for the past few months. When I dropped by Sephora over the weekend, I just tested them a bit to see if the shadow are as cute as the mushroom-shaped tip.
The Chubby Sticks are relatively firm among its shadow-stick peers (but not exceedingly so) and each swipe yield a decent amount of color. Lasting power of these aren't great (maybe I just didn't wait long enough for it to dry)...Anyway, out of the 8 shades available in Sephora, I really like dusky silver purple called Lavish Lilac (there is a limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoo that's somewhat similar to this and it's called Lavish Lavender).
Since I was there, I also tested the Sephora x Pantone Universe Jumbo Waterproof Eye Pencil (The tester for the coppery "Fire" shade was not available). These are a little more slippery, pigmented and more resistant to rubbing. The coloring also seems more complex and interesting.

The CK one Eye Gloss Pencil (available at ULTA) was just some throw-in, the pencil has a very wet, glossy and slippery texture (like a waxy take on NYX jumbo pencil) that seems like it belongs to a lip product. On normal skin (where there is oil and sweat glands), this has no lasting power whatsoever. Well, even if it does stay, I am not sure if I can wear these kind of shades on my eyes...

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