Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paul & Joe Moroccan Orange Face Color

Paul & Joe Face Color in Moroccan Orange was a purchase from ...2011. Yeah, this is pretty late (as a big-mouth opinionated person, I lost my words when it comes to blushes. Maybe deep down, I realized they all look like each other when applied sheer /looked from a few inches away).

Anyway, since Paul & Joe has a tendency to re-release popular shades under different names (The fall 2010 Harverst Moon looks identical to the now-permanent Peaches and Cream while Moroccan Orange looks the same as last Fall's Inseparable) , maybe we should see it re-surface again sometimes later?
 Paul Joe Moroccan Orange Blush, Highlight then both shades mixed together. Milani Corallina and Mai-Tai. Moroccan Orange has a bright orange-yellow and a orange coral (both has delicate golden shimmer that shows as as subtle transparency rather than glow). The powder has that soft orange blossom scent (I think? They are the same in all Paul & Joe products) and is firmly pressed and silky on the face.

 On the face, they give an orange-soda kind of bright, yet rather natural flush (Ok, it kind of looks like sunburn on me when I am tanner). Like other reddish orange coral, this has a tendency to bring more attention to active zits (and red marks).  A good concealer should get that taken care of but since I am lazy, I just wait for a great-skin-day to wear it.
The new Paul & Joe blush (while very lovely) no longer has the pearly round compact. Let's hope they bring it back in limited editions.


  1. Ooh that's pretty! and of course it looks more coral on you LOL!

    1. Yeah...I actually need to head for yellow/golden/bronze if I want something that shows up orange on me.


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