Friday, July 05, 2013

Jordana Metal Rocks Metallic Retractable Eyeliner

Saw these Jordana Metal Rocks Metallic Retractable Eyeliners at Walgreens 2 months ago (half off) so I grabbed them on a whim (while completely neglecting the fact that every single pencil eyeliner smudges on me) .
Anyway, the German-made eyeliners have a simple design that involves no sharpener and the colors all seems quite interesting. The pencil cords are smooth, soft that they don't drag on skin, it's easy to draw with those (but the line doesn't get very precise).
Purple Prism is a rich plum that picks up some dustiness brown on the skin (very compatible with Maybelline Pomegranate Punk Color Tattoo) . Green Envy is a shimmery sage (a bit too common in the pencil eyeliner world). Paradise Blue is a shimmering turquoise (again, not very unique but quite gorgeous for summer time).
Of course, these do smudges like crazy on me (like within 20 minutes I will become a mutant raccoon) but I got a little longer wear when I wear Purple Prism (as a deepest shade in a mono-chrome smokey eyes) with Color Tattoo underneath. Overall: Not too bad when they are less than 1.5 dollars a piece.

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