Friday, July 12, 2013

Brown Sugar - Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

To make space for the four new lip butters (I am plotting a purchase for them), several older shades were discontinued by Revlon (and 75% off at CVS). I normally hate it when Revlon discontinues lip products (the older formula of Super Lustrous gloss, Continuous Coral Mineral Lip Glaze, Beyond Natural lip tint...Just to name a few)but this time,  I could totally see why they are sacking the color.
Brown Sugar is medium brown with very fine silver shimmer. Texture wise, it's one of the better, more homogenous one: It's creamy, not slippery (squishy) and gives the lips an even coat that also yields enough coverage. Even though it's by no mean a moisturizing formula, the lipstick wears comfortably and doesn't dry up or settle into lip lines.
Brown sugar is actually more of a chestnut brown than a sugary one, as it contains little to no red tone (or peachy ones...any tinges that makes the color feel natural and humanly). If anything, the abundance of silver shimmer actually forms an even cool mist, bringing it to an almost light brown-taupe. To me, shade just seems like it belongs to an eyeshadow...
Revlon Nude lipsticks side by side: Pink Truffle, Peach Parfait, Brown Sugar (all are lip butter) and Color Burst Lip Stick in Blush. Beside coral, I actually really like how Revlon does nude (which can either make me look sick or look very out of place)...Brown sugar is just really brown and almost look a bit like graphite smear on skin.
 Revlon Lip Butter in Brown Sugar on lips - The red in my lips kind of made it a little more wearable. But in real life, it's a strange color (that doesn't look horrible, but at the same time, it) does nothing to add on to a look (or bland face). It's not hideous but I suppose I prefer my bare lips to this.

Overall: It's kind of a useless shade but I suppose if you have a Revlon coupon lying around (I paid around 30 cents for this after using a CVS coupon), it would be somewhat fun to see how this color works (or doesn't work) on you.


  1. Oh..I have deep coloured lips I want to try Brown Sugar..or should I just be happy with Fig Jam? Ah, the life of a lipstick addict. :D

    1. Fig Jams seems darker(and with a little bit more red) I suppose that shade would be easier to wear. But if you can still get Brown Sugar on clearance, I suppose why not?


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