Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend Bits and Rant

Before I start my random weekend random photo dump (Saturday Snap...on Sunday). Let all wish a Happy 28th Birthday to my favorite pianist (ever!) Rafal Blechacz! My daily commune (and evening walks) for the past 7 years was never complete without him...
One of the few good things about Texan summer, glorious afternoon lighting (with a not so glorious temperature/humidity).  I guess the heat also keep my metabolism up since I ingest a lot of junk food....
For a moment I wanted to snap this little guy and keep it as pet (then it probably sensed my intention and ducked right in the lake).
A graceful crane taking a Sunday morning stroll. I was there because I dropped my pen by the lake the day before, when I was taking some glamour shots...
Weekend haul (of a extreme couponer) - The NYC eyeliner and Physicians Formula mascara (has horrible reviews at Makeup Alley but...Hot Pink Tube!) add up to 13 bucks. I used a 4-off-12-cosmetic-purchases coupon, a 3-off Physicians Formula CVS coupon, a 2-off-PF-mascara coupon, and 1-off-NYC CVS coupon. Finally, $3.23 out of pocket. 

I then got 6 extra bucks (for buying 10 dollars of PF) so I spent it on the three on the left (all on clearance at 75% off). Then 60 cents and leftover extra bucks were spent on soda.
Project dump them out - You know how hard it is for a hoarder to clean up. After keeping the not-gonna-use-bag in my drawer for months, I finally ditched it earlier this months. The full grocery bag contains some finished product (The Nivea Strawberry Balm, Maybelline Concealer, L'Oreal Lash Serum) , things that I have had for 3,4 years (and I don't see myself using) and some duds I don't feel bad tossing (after 1 or 2 uses) because they were so cheap when I got them (mainly Physicians Formula stuff. Boy those lipsticks were disgusting).

Anyway, after having only kept the product I like...I decided to now it's perfectly OK to haul more crap. (Downsizing. You are doing it wrong...)
 Macaroon (that looks like Macaron) from Marshalls. Not sure how I think about them...
Fruit Tarts from Kroger. I love the bakery since they have so many manager specials (like huge fruit cake that's reduced to 1/2 of the original price).
Bigger one...I can totally finish it as between lunch-dinner snack...

 Lastly (Here comes the rant), we all know Google Reader is being shut down (so that Google can force other people to use the Goddamned Google Plus). I don't hate/care for the service as it's only a facebook copycat. The thing it really gets on my nerve is that how hard they are trying to shove the thing down people's throats. Gag reflex, anybody?  

Whenever I am on Youtube, the option box would pop out ("You can choose between 1. Getting a Google+ account and 2. Getting a Google + account!" ). After endless harassment, I learned that the best way to deal with it is clicking the X on upper right. 
Before I learned that lesson, I once picked "keeping my old name"... And guess what? They didn't just let me stick with the old user name, they went ahead changed my name on my firstname.lastname gmail account! I didn't realize it until I sent my professor an email as "wieniawski". (Not even capitalized...). A note to Google + PR team. If people are not using it, it's simply because people don't like it. NOT because it's under-promoted.
Learn more about my options? As if I have any!
  The cherry on top is that when I finally decided to sign up for that crap (so that I can delete it right away and hopefully stop getting bugged), the system didn't let me because my real name was "unacceptable"... What should I do now? Change my name to Mike Hawk or Seymour Bums? 
Lastly, here is a little explanation on my username. Basically when I first registered the account, I needed something I will remember. Since I knew names like Chopin (favorite composer) would already be taken, I went with the first thing popped out of my mind...(the above video). I am fairly attached to the name so I will stick with it instead of buying my own domain. Why should I invest if it's not a business anyway? (Later, the "Citrine's Blog" was made up so that people searching for the composer wouldn't end up staring at 1735 tubes of lip gloss.)

So, for the people who think I am a Pole. I am not and I wouldn't understand stand a thing (well, actually I can pick up a few words from my toddler-level Russian) if you sent me e-mail in Polish (btw, it really looks like spam at first sight since the language contains so many consonants)...


  1. Totally agree this whole Google Plus thing is annoying. I hate how Google seems to want to take over EVERYTHING. To be honest Blogger is not the greatest blogging platform there is and I'm glad to be using Bloglovin' instead of Google Reader.

    1. If Google plus is something unique (minus forcing you use your real name part), I would actually consider using it but I don't get why would they think people would just abandon facebook for Google+ when the service is essentially copy and paste.

      Maybe they just assume that people have time to burn and one more social network is not too much (or "They should use ours instead because we are Google")... The G+ commenting platform is ridiculous as well. The only function it has is force user to register for G+ to comment (apparently, having an open ID or even blogger account doesn't work).


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