Monday, June 17, 2013

Recent Jade Acquisitions - Melon & Brick

Thanks to my generous mother, who puts up with all my crap endless custom purchase requests, I got new toys! This time is a Buddha's Hand (a type of melon) with a ruyi on the side.
This particular piece is made of green nephrite (aka Spinach jade) originated from Russia, which generally has finer texture, brighter color and less impurity (compare to the nephrite from north-west China).
Yeah, I should have cleaned it before taking picture. The small size and the round shape makes it a great pendant so I might made it into a small charm bracelet.
Another piece is a slab of Tsing Hai white nephrite (The black round thing is a dust on my camera's sensor), I am just getting it for specimen-collection purpose. The crystal structure is quite visible so the piece so it's rather affordable (around 12 US dollars) 
It kind of reminds me of a radish slice. A more expensive piece of white jade should have more of a fine creamy texture and soft matte glow (kind of like the Japanese pastry daifuku when the powder gets wipes off. Gotta love accessories that remind me of food).

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