Sunday, June 09, 2013

June Magazine Clipping - Seventeen & Allure

So...I still haven't stopped reading Seventeen (despite their repetitive stories, spreads and cheesy tips). This month's cover girl is Lucy Hale (the top-down angle was so unflattering that for a moment I thought it was one of the Kardashians...)
An editorial about something like starting summer with pretty looks (Urgh...) 
A simple green cat eyes that I like (I am also having a brow-envy)
Ad for Jessica Simpson's Vintage Bloom. Floral background always gets me... I bet the bottle would be a cool object to take photos of.
Allure with Zoe Saldana as cover girl.  This issue has that Reader's Choice award (I have tried a few of products with that stamp of approval, while they were nothing spectacular, as least they rarely went horribly wrong...)
I thought the Maybelline Baby Lips pick was for "drugstore lip gloss" was a bit funny, not only it's not a gloss at all. I remember the shade is also one of the least favored one on Makeup Alley.
Now we know Olay is a sponsor for the magazine ("winning" pretty much all three of the drugstore skincare cream categories)...So are Maybelline, Nars, MAC and OPI...
Can they try to make it a little less obvious? Maybe their readers only like these brands. 
Another spread about two-toned sunglasses! I like the dusty rose from Stella McCartney! (Too bad I can't wear any over-sized one since they always makes me dizzy (something to do with my wide pupil distance).


  1. I'm stil subscribed to Seventeen too... Wish they'd get better with the make up looks. That lavender one kills me!

    1. I still like it because the spread are generally easy to reproduce and colorful (and God forbid I can actually afford the products featured). The purple was so eye-catching because the girl looks eerily happy sporting it, at least the bottom half of her face...


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