Saturday, June 15, 2013

Almay Intense i-Color Shadow Stick - Brown Eyes

Selected shades of Almay Intense i-Color shadow stick went on sale this summer so I picked up this toy up. The twist up shadow is made of two hard capsules (rounded at both the tip and the base so it detaches if too much force is used), something about it really reminds me of ice-cream.
The brown eye combo has a medium champagne beige and a teal (half blue half green, at least I am not sure which shade is more prominent)with golden shimmer. Due to to hardness of the shadow, it takes quite some pressure, several swipe and a hard canvas to deposit decent amount of color so it's award for the eye area, as I get a patchy layer, thanks to the shimmer, of color that's hard to build up.
I suppose the champagne beige would be awesome for highlighting the brow bone, but it doesn't work out for me since the bony area are covered by actual brow hair and the orbital cavities is right underneath... On the bright side, the shadow are rather long-wearing and smudge proof on my arm...

Overall: Not too horrible of a toy for around 2 bucks (while 75% off) and I will try to find some use for it.

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