Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist - Early Summer 2013

So, I totally reclaimed my photo spot (nice you see you again, excellent back lighting, background and natural reflector!) after some incidents so the duck pictures (and more glamour shots, since I have gotten quite a few new toys) are back!

Here are some products I don't mind having (and don't have the budget for)

Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow for Summer

For the couch potatoes - Here is a drama that has been making me giggle in front of computer: Itazura na Kiss. I read some of the manga (it was so popular that I only managed to buy 1 volume, and it's set after their marriage), saw (some part of ) the 1996 version (but didn't get to finish because I was supposed to be at bed by 9) and then the Taiwan remake (watched 15 minutes of the Korean version, couldn't survive it). This version is by far my favorite!

I like the female lead (right from the start) and even though at first, the male lead Furukawa Yuki kind of looks like Mewtwo from Pokemon (he has crazy-sharp cheek bones), his acting and voice *faints*, has soon won me (and 100 k other fans, according to his Weibo follower count) over.
And I just have to steal this picture from his weibo. (Oh yes, he is totally part of my wishlist).


  1. what a cute wishlist (and guy with kitten!)

    1. The cat look a little stoned though...


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