Monday, May 27, 2013

Rimmel Kate Lipstick 15 - Smokey Top Coat for Lips

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate No.15 is (that's currently 75% off at CVS) supposed to be a transforming top coat to smoke up any lip color. It's supposed to be a novelty product (which apparently didn't sell too well) but I am surprised to find out that it's more wearable that it seems.
The lipstick has the same artificial cherry scent (as the other Rimmel Kate lipstick), hard-enough stick that it doesn't wobble. A semi-sheer layer of shimmery purple gray is dispensed with normal amount of pressure. I find it a little smoother, less blotchy compared to the other Lasting Finish Kate lipstick (which are slippery and semi-matte), it's probably because the shimmer also acts as a slippery filler.
By itself, the purple + gray tone of the No.15 Rimmel Kate lipstick create a look of  slight lead-poising and pencil lead (which is graphite) smear. It's actually not that hideous (and so much doable than trashy fuchsia or punchy-pink) and should work...for Halloween.
  Rimmel Kate No.15 on top of Revlon Sugar Plum Lip Butter - So it just add some dusty tone and depth to the lip color. I haven't tried it with bolder and more opaque lipstick (that would be too much) but I suppose it can be dabbed on the center of lip for that black cherry kind of look.

Overall: Pretty cool of a gimmick and I actually prefer this formula to that of the normal Kate lipstick (too drying and slippery).


  1. Thank you for posting this. I picked this color on clearance... what a score! I love it! I just tried it over a opaque coral pink lipstick, and it shifted the color to a raspberry shade with a hint of shimmer. This is a great to cool down a warm lipstick shade.

    1. Oh, you are welcomed. Maybe I should also mentioned in the post that I picked up the fuchsia fever stay glossy gloss (from the clearance) and I absolutely hate it...

  2. My theory is that there was a mistake made somewhere at the Rimmel factory, and this is how some marketing genius thought to sell it! :D (I actually used to wear this colour all the time - in the nineties.)

    1. Judging from the sale, the marketing genius didn't really get the scheme to work...Maybe all they should just include a promo poster with the modeling wearing it (with 20s outfit and hair).


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