Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Pop Pouty Lip Crayon and Stay Stain Swatches

Pop Pouty Lip Crayon is another one of those lip color crayon thing in the market - it's available in a set of 6 for 25 dollars and you get a nice mix of color. The consistency is closer to a lipstick with a harder bullet (instead of being like a gloss, balm or stain) and the pigmentation is fairly good.
The Stay Stain are just lip stain markers with pretty bold color choices. These kind of product tend to dry out very quickly though.
The lip gloss, in cream-gel texture and colors like raspberry pink and red, totally look like my cup of tea but I didn't have have any space on my arm at the time...
More spy cam pictures of the Nail Glam nail polish (kind of like the fruit punch pink at the back)
A giant face and body bronzer and a pretty dense (and OK soft) brush to apply it.

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  1. In love with BrickBeauty <3 Unfortunately this brand is not here in Brazil...


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