Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom - My Utlimate Style Idol

Happy Mother's Day to the moms, mom-to-be and mom-not-gonna-be. Anyway, it seems that the 90s is making a come-back so you might enjoy these pictures. After all, my mom has always been far more stylish than I am (she wore legging before I did and bought me a bunch of "mori girl" clothing when the style just took off in Japan).
Floral dress and a side braid - A look I tried to emulate (but I never found a dress like that).
Big knit - Glamour shot taken by her ex-husband /my dad in late 80s
70s Rural China Style - My mom and her "Friends of the Japanese Language" and her teacher (who was a military translator). She wasn't affected by the Cultural Revolution (where educated youths got sent back to rural area for reconstruction) since she was already a farm girl.
First year of college (so everybody had to chopped his/her hair off) - She was 16. My hair would stand up like that when it's short as well... 

This picture made me lol ... 
The master tree-climber in a cobalt sweater, which I tried to steal...but she didn't let me take it since my suitcase was already full (with other random craps I bought)
Mom:  "Why this? I was posing like a monkey."
Here comes the 90s - I always remember I had the cutest shoes, socks and dress and I hated growing up (which means those thing wouldn't fit me any more). By the way, that was my default childhood hairstyle for many years.
The only makeup she wears is face powder and lipstick (and it's always red).
Happy bubble-bee (another sweater that I attempted to steal) in the department store.
She headed straight to the fabric section.
Business attire - would wear the whole outfit (without the shoulder pads)

Last outfit - office lady with white blouse and a black dress?

Even though my mom's clothing picks and her hand-knit scarf have landed me quite a few compliments back in high school (in college I just started living off freebie T-shirts and athletic shorts), I have learned to not asking her to buy clothes for me because...Two years ago, I asked her to get me a dress pants (for formal occasions) because my size (American 0 or 1) is not that easy to find at the places I normally shop (I only buy from places like TJ maxx or Marshalls) and she was like: "Be right on!".

This is what I ended up getting.
Later, I found out that my mom just hauls a bunch of clothes for herself and if they don't fit her (or she ends up not liking them). She would just send them off to me "Oh, look at all the cute clothes I got for you!". I still get compliments wearing this but mainly because people think I am so cool and daring that I wear pajamas to school.  (Well, we had to wear long pants in labs and I prefer these to jeans).


  1. Cool pictures. Nice blast from the past ^.^

    I had a similar experience that made me stop asking my mum to buy me clothes! Last year of high school I told my mum I need a wind jacket. She went out and bought a wind jacket alright - it was reflective silver, and I looked like I was a construction worker LOL!!!

    1. Haha, instead of construction worker, the image popped out of my mind was actually 90s Johnny's boy bands like Hikari Genji...The clothes my mom got me kind of polarize: They are either too Hanna Montana (middle school) or they are most suitable for middle age women...So I ended up getting compliment from women 50-yr or above, who either like the clothes for themselves or their little grand-daughters.

  2. this post was really cool. Stylish mom. Where is she living now?

    1. She stays in south China for quite a while already, just a different city from where I grew up (still pretty close though since all my cousins are there).

  3. oh, I'm so curious about china! how you ended up so far? :)

    1. Not really a great story though. It's just my parent divorced and I first stayed with my mom, then I couldn't get alone with her partner so I ended up moving to Canada to be with my dad (not the best person to be around but at least he wouldn't try to murder me...His later marriage told me that even though he isn't a great father, I should really be glad that he is not my stepfather (let's say his stepson is not very fortunate).

      Then he moved to US when I was half way through high school (He came here first and I was in left in Toronto for a full semester. Gotta say, best months of my North American life).

  4. wow, as a psychologist I know how hard it is to deal with all this. Really sorry for that. Life is hard sometimes but I like how you easily talk about it, it's a good sign. :)


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