Monday, May 13, 2013

Covergirl Fire It Up Mascara, Eyeshadow, Smoochies Lipstick and Glossitinis Nail Color

Just spotted a brand new display of Covergirl Products  - The theme seems to be flamed out, with that gangster-print on the new Flame Out mascara.
Fire It Up Shadow Pots in "Blazing (yeah, right...) blendable colors. I think there are other shades out there (that haven't made it to CVS). 

Yes, the pot shadow from Maybelline and L'Oreal have been doing really well, but do the folks at Covergirl really think that people would just buy it, when they call these seemly chalky shadow pans (in cheap plastic compact)  "pot"?
Flame Out shadow pencil 2-in-1 shadow and liner - I kind of like the brown one at the right but I doubt I will get it (Covergirl products are generally quite expensive in drugstore and they rarely go on sale).
Outlast Stay Brilliant Glossitinis that "can (but probably won't) last as long as a week!" 
New Smoochies Lipstick - The sticks look like they are the exact same thing as the recently discontinued Wetslick stick. The packaging is more colorful but I can't say that it actually looks better (I think it's 80s in a bad way)...The whole collection looks like it's just a flashier name and packaging with nothing actually new.

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