Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Revlon Midnight Express Cream Eye Shadow Palette - Shanghai Collection

The Midnight Express Cream Shadow Palette was from Revlon Fall 2012 Collection. At 8 dollars, I didn't care for it but I ended up finding it at Big Lots (along with other LE by NYC and a couple of Revlon holiday 2012 glosses) for only $1.5. So I guess even it goes horribly wrong, it's still a fun toy to play with. Anyway, is it just me or it looks like a scaled down version of that Make Up For Ever paint palette?
The palette has a clear windows and a small mirror on top (which is enough for both eyes) and the rest are just filled with 6 cream shadows: a shimmery mossy green, silver, matte/cream black, coppery gold, pearly off-white and a rich plum. These shadow are a little more gel-like (less slippery, creamy) compared to the crease-like-crazy illuminance cream shadow so the color they deposit is more veil-like (reads: less filler and more pigment)

(Not sure why the picture is make mu arm look so tanned)  The shimmery green, off white and plum all look nice (but they slip off right away since I didn't bother with primer/don't have a matching powder shadow to top it over). The black is intense, oil-slick like and even leaves a bit of a stain but...it slips off faster than the shimmery ones. The two metallic are my favorite, as they make a nice inner-corner highlighter or an allover wash (the coppery gold just looks sun-kissed on the skin) and the flecks still stick around after a few hours of wear, on my hooded & oily lids. Overall: It's $1.5 (saves me from buying 1.5 bottles of sodas/risk of osteoporosis later in life) so what can I complain about?

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