Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencil Swatches

When I was at Target last week, I noticed they added a lot of new shades in their products and the range of Endless Silky Eye Pencil now now has 10 shades (from the three I swatched last year). I swatched 9 of them since Golden Sage, an olive green with silver glitter, wasn't at that particular Target.

Anyway, these liner are smooth to the touch, easy to apply without being too wet or smudgey. Once the pencils set, it seems more budge-proof than other high end pencil liners that it takes a little more rubbing (and soap) to wash it out, after a few hours of testing on my arm.
The new range has quite a few shades I want to try: The teal, the pinkish beige (reminds me of Stila Kitten) and the brownish purple.
Black tulip was a little off color in that picture (the ones I took are either out of focus or off-color) but it really was a slightly brown plum with rainbow tone micro-glitter. See more swatches on Kate's Blog (along with some looks that I will never be able to replicate).


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