Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nutra Nail Pinup Glam Gel Perfect

Spotted at ULTA (then CVS) - Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Nail Color Pinup Glam with "Classics Colors Reinvented"

The shades are just pink, red and coral. Fairy standard to me (nothing that retro).


  1. do you like gel nails? they are that different? can't find one in Brazil.

    1. I have never tried it, it (at least the original, salon-made version)is supposed to be a glossier and much more longer lasting nail color that takes UV to set and a special solvent to get rid of. Now it has just became sort of a gimmick (kind of like BB cream), some are really gel, some are just are really glossy polish.

      I don't like to commit to one shade for a period of time so it's just not my thing.


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